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11 Dec 2020

Winning entries from students - by editorial conduit

I hope my friend to see you soon…

It was the time when the Trimester-1 was about to end. That day, at the Zoom meeting, my group was
rehearsing for the final presentations. All of a sudden, one of my groupmates- Nidhi said in a wistful tone, “Our
first trimester almost ended and I haven’t met any of my peers in person”. “Not just you, even I haven’t seen any
of you except on black mirror”, I replied.

Then Nandana said, “I am not even moving out of my home, not just because of the lockdown but because I’m
following social-distancing as I have concern for my parents.

The only place where I go to is the Terrace. You guys can see on my WhatsApp DP that on the terrace, I sit over
the platform, look at the roads and buildings and imagine myself going out and roaming soon.”

I looked at her DP and went into deep thoughts. I made a sketch out of her DP and wrote a poem.

Yes, we’ll meet and that too in a literal sense,
Not behind the screen or through the camera lens;

Don’t let the loneliness and immobility frustrate you please,
First, let medical science beat this horrible disease;

Make sure this coercivity and compulsion won’t make you weak,
Enthusiasm, Positivity and Aspiration we all need to seek;

We’ll come to the campus and form our commune,
As soon as the vaccine is out and we are immune;

Our presentations would be on the projector screen and we on the stage,
And “real” audience in front of us with whom we would engage;

Would plan college events together in our meeting room,
And give speeches on the podium as soon as offline classes resume;

We’ll shake hands when we would get the opportune,
I hope my friend to see you soon…

Md. Ayaz Qureshi
Section B | PGDM

The Comforts of Art during the pandemic

As I sat down to pen a day in the life of an overworked and overwhelmed student, on the cusp of change that would determine the trajectory of the next few years, my pen paused on the punctuations. An array of dots and crossing of sentences later, it struck me- writer’s block is here to stay.

To a writer, the pandemic would equate to an extended instance of a writer’s block. Short of words, running out phrases, ambushed by the absurdity of one’s own thoughts. Laden with uncertainty, as the world comes to a standstill, or spins about its axis.

If anything the pandemic has taught me is, to appreciate art. As I reached for my next read, hummed along to a song or marveled over make believe world in a movie, silently, I expressed my gratitude. Art has been my
solace, in these unprecedented times. Finding and losing yourselves, in words, notes, mosaics and shapes, is the best kind of journey one takes in search of meaning. And as the world was swept away in the pandemonium of the pandemic, the only tether of connection being virtual, I realized I wasn’t alone in this pursuit. Bonds were being forged and sustained through art, poetry, words of encouragement, urging each other to stay within the four walls but dream beyond the stars. Art made it all possible.

So as you sit down to binge watch your next show, re-read your favorite book and enjoy a melody, know that art came to your rescue when you needed it the most.

Anuradha Gupta

Counting the Stars

Counting the stars, millions of thoughts in my head,
Rewinding every little thing which is there in my head but unsaid
I sometimes ponder what I have been doing with my life,
Running behind people, for them to validate,
Ironically letting them drive my wheel, where I should be the one to navigate
I know despite the light within myself, I tend to search for the light in some other room,
I somehow try to fit in the boundaries or desire of others, even if it is not my type of costume
Every time I gaze at the sky, the shining stars,
There’s this one thought in my mind why I am so afraid of scars?
When I know, I need to go through harsh road to enjoy the beautiful one,
Then why don’t I enjoy the path and try for every competition to be won
Maybe subconsciously there’s this point in my mind,
That you need to ace things and be the best in order to outshine
Every time I look at the ceiling of room the thought haunts me in the night,
It feels like I am stuck and they are holding me close to them and tight really tight
It feels like I am lost in some jungle which is my life and these thoughts are those similar trees making it more complicated,
See I told you millions of thoughts and how swiftly I took you to so many thoughts aggregated.
Okay before I leave just one last image,
Don’t try really hard to adjust yourself and act like a creditor
Life is too short to be managing editor instead be the author.

Chitrakshi Gupta


How I wish that I had wings.
So I could fly above the clouds,
And see from the top, the entirety of the earth.
To fly across the vast Savannah.
To swim with the fish in the Great Barrier Reef.
To touch the snowy peaks of the Himalayas.
To dip my feet gently into the crystal clear waters of Italy.
To breathe in, the aroma of the freshly baked bread in small bakeries all across Paris.
To watch the sun go down in Hawaii.
To experience the chills in Ladakh.
To gawk at the moonlit Rann of Gujarat.
To soar across the great desert and visit the human-faced lion.
To find beauty in the numerous churches in Rome.
To dance at the carnival in Brazil.
To be mesmerised by the enchanting Blue Caves in Greece.
To get lost in the mystical waters of the Niagara Falls.
To fall asleep on the flower bed of the Tulip Fields.
How I wish that I had wings.
So I could fly above the clouds,
And see from the top, the entirety of the earth.

Manvi Bolia

In All Tomorrows And In All Yesterdays

A lot has changed
from doors to distance,
a lot is changing
from faces to screens,
a lot will change,
life in places you will be at,
dreams you will dare to keep.
don’t stop, don’t resist,
be not scared to seek.

In dark corners lie mysteries,
Not once, be afraid to delve deep.
something known awaits in adventures unplanned.

It’s not always the light that makes you see,
darkness has eyes of its own.
for you lie in the unknown,
floating, as you have always been.
not waiting, not hurting, not twisting, nor turning,
just floating, seeking.
not once, not twice,
but in all tomorrows and in all yesterdays.

Neha Virmani
DM 20DM134

I Wonder

I wonder what it would be like
If humans couldn’t speak
Would we still be ruling the world?
Or would our lives be bleak?

Would we be intelligent enough,
To send our satellites to space?
Would we be brave enough,
To fight everyday problems with grace?

It would be tough indeed
To express emotions without a word
It seems frightening when I wonder
What if there was no voice to be heard?

But then I ask myself
Who else could yield this might?
Who could serve this world better,
And who could make the future bright?

If only dogs could speak,
And their intellect could be put to test,
They would be loyal to this planet
And would serve the nature best.

If the tall standing trees in the forest
Were to be blessed with a voice,
This world would be green and clean
As cutting trees wouldn’t be a choice.

Now that I think of it,
I wish anyone but us could speak
Because we don’t value this power,
Destruction of this planet is what we seek!

Words have enabled the humans
To share vicious ideas which destroy,
We have treated our planet harshly,
Like some child’s playful toy.

We still have the time
So, let’s use our words like me
And if I inspire even one of you,
I wonder how good our future will be!

By Pratyush Anand