Students' Zone
Alumni Update

8 Aug 2020


The virtual alumni meet is an initiative started by Alumni conduit (BIMTECH) to maintain the relations with the alumni base in these adverse COVID times. The program started at 7 PM. Director Prof. Manoj Pant gave a welcome speech and also thanked Director Dr. Chaturvedi for his presence to welcome all the alumni. Then, Prof. Gagan Katiyar (Head of Alumni conduit) also welcomed all the alumni for taking out their valuable time for the event.

Prof Manoj Pant shared the event flow for the day. Then the alumni were asked to share their fun moments during their college days. It was great bantering among the alumni. Then, there was GIBBERISH game for the alumni. In which the words/phrases were flashed on the screen having no meaning of their own but when spoken out, they create a phrase, sentence/ words that have a meaning. The words/phrases were both Hindi and English. Alumni loved this activity a lot. Lakshmi Kant (Alumnus 2005) won this game and was awarded with Amazon gift vouchers.

The, next activity was announced and explained by Prof Manoj Pant which was about deciding upon a batch song and slogan. The alumni were divided into breakout rooms with 2 members of alumni conduit as well in each of them. The alumni conduit members gave a brief about the activity of deciding upon the batch song and batch slogan.

After 10 minutes, the breakout rooms were closed and then one member from each batch presented the batch song and batch slogan. Batch 2005-2006 won this activity. All the members were awarded with Amazon vouchers.

The event was ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Gagan and Prof. Manoj Pant. Overall the event was successful as we had 50+ entries.