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2 Dec 2020


The first calendar event of Cosmopolitan – an initiative of the International Business program of BIMTECH named Cosmo Roulette’20 – a game of chance giving flavor from various countries around the globe, was a great success with 140 students from all four programs participating in the event and appreciated by students for its new concept, excitement, promotion and seamless execution.

Student Anchors of the day Rudrajit Chakraborty and Bhargavi Padhi started the event with welcoming of faculty members and student participants. The Cosmopolitan team presented a welcoming and introductory video of the Cosmopolitan Team. Thereafter, the team introduced the game of COSMO ROULETTE’20 to the participants and faculties.

Dr. Anupam Varma, Deputy Director and Dr. K C Arora, Registrar addressed the students and appreciated the efforts put in by executives of Cosmopolitan for conceptualizing a divergent event of its own. Dr. Anuj Sharma, Chairperson of International Business program, Dr. Archana Singh, Program coordinator and Ms. Rupali Singh, Senior Manager congratulated the team and wished Cosmopolitan Club and participants all luck for a successful event.

The event was testing knowledge from an amalgamation of themes around various cultures around the world through music, food, architecture, movies etc. held in three rounds. Participation was in pairs with no restriction on batches or programs.

“Quiz” – Round 0

A preliminary and elimination round which was conducted on 1st December, 2020 from 8 PM to 8:10 PM. There were 25 questions in the quiz that were to be completed in 10 minutes. The quiz revolved around the general aspects of the world, which were floated to the participants. We received more than 70 team registrations i.e., about 140 students across all programs of BIMTECH. We shortlisted the 36 top teams for the further rounds.

“Cosmojam” – Round 1

It was a live round wherein the top 36 teams joined a Zoom link on 2nd December, 2020 at 7:30 PM. Six participating teams were sent to a breakout room along with 2 members from the Cosmopolitan team. In this round, the dice were rolled and each team had to pick a number and they were allotted that set with the 6 teams being allotted 1 unique number. Thereafter, the dice was rolled again, the number that popped up determined the order in which the teams got to answer their sets of question. There were 10 questions related to international songs, international movie scenes. They had to identify the movie name, country of origin or song name, song artist, country of origin. If they guessed the right answer, they received one point.

“Cultural Instinct” – Round 2

It consisted of the top 12 teams that had qualified from the last round. These 12 teams were divided into 2 breakout teams of 6, wherein each team had to face a set of 10 questions each. To add to the luck factor, a dice was rolled again to determine which set goes to which team and which team goes first. In this round, each set of questions is related to a particular country including Mexico, Russia, Turkey among the others. These sets consisted of questions relating to the culture of the particular country including food, history, architecture, personalities and facts of general knowledge. The teams had to answer each question correctly in 15 seconds duration to stay ahead in the race. At the end of this round, the top 3 teams were declared to be Cosmo Roulette Champions.

The event came to an end successfully and the results were declared on the following day wherein the winning team of Cosmo Roulette’20, Nehal Jain and Nihal Mohan of PGDM, along with the first runner-up team, Shivangi Gupta and Sidh Kapoor of PGDM, and the second runner-up team, Nikita Dua and Divya Malhotra of PGDM-IB, were declared. These teams received attractive prizes in the form of cash vouchers. Along with this, the toppers of the first round were also awarded exciting prizes.

– By CR’s of PGDM-IB Batch 2020-22