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4 Jun 2020

Confluence Training Session - "You cannot pursue comfort and greatness at the same time" – Die Empty by Todd Henry

The confluence session, meant to sensitize the new batch of PGDM began with this beautiful quote from Todd Henry’s bestseller shared by the beacon holder of the session, Mr. Surya Bahadur, Chief Executive of Confluence Training and Development. He brought the session to life with his energy and exceptional mentorship and the new batch was extremely privileged to learn from him.

We also had Mr. Manas Baisya, Senior Manager, WalMart. He enlightened the batch with numerous concepts and excerpts from Ramayana and Mahabharata and how the same concepts from these texts are incorporated in businesses around the world.

The new batch thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was very interactive and it was amazing how the entire batch actively engaged and interacted with both the speakers throughout the session. The batch was left with a lot of positivity and energy for their 2 years of journey at BIMTECH, ahead.

The final session consisted of Mr. Surya showing clippings from some of the most inspirational and awe-inspiring movies of all time, including movies like Men of Honour, The Karate Kid, Forest Gump and finally 3 Idiots. The central theme ofall these movies being the “never give up” attitude. No matter how adverse the circumstances, one can always see them through if they have the strength, determination, zeal and a positive attitude to face it.

Comments like “if you have the determination to achieve something, nothing can stop you” were received from students like Samyak Jain who attended the session. There was no doubt that students and listeners were filled with a will and determination to achieve something in life after this session. They were filled with enthusiasm for the coming challenges that they will face as MBA students and a drive to excel!

Mr. Surya ended the session with the national anthem which was nothing short of magical and then opened for comments and questions from the students who had a lot to say about the session. Finally, all the students were presented with a certificate of participation for their enthusiastic participation in the orientation program and the infectious energy that they brought with them.