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Virtual Business Professional (VBP)

11 Dec 2020

In collaboration with Marshall School of Business (USA)

60 students from BIMTECH along with approximately 500 other students from 16 universities located in USA, Germany, Spain, Taiwan and 3 more countries of the world participated in a six-week live Virtual Business Professional (VBP) project. The students were divided into 110 teams, each team carried 5-6 members, all from different cultural backgrounds. The teams were mentored by 20 professors including Dr Archana Shrivastava, Dr Shradha Kabra and Prof Meera Kapoor from BIMTECH.

Amazon, Netflix and Google were our three project partners. The teams were expected to offer recommendations to Google, Netflix and Amazon for improvements in their corporate online communication.

Using a social collaboration platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, students in each team planned and held virtual meetings, collaboratively conducted research, co-authored documents, and used project management tools to find solutions. Best 30 solutions (10 for each company) in the form of business reports were shared with the company representatives out of which 10 best reports were selected to be awarded. It is my pleasure to inform you that despite all the difficulties faced due to the pandemic, 5 students from BIMTECH were found to be part of those winning teams. The details of these students are:


Pallavi Narula – 2nd position (IB student mentored by Dr Shradha Kabra)
Divya Malhotra – 3rd position (IB student mentored by Dr Shradha Kabra)
Akshay Gore – 4th position (RM student mentored by Prof Meera Kapoor)


Sania Shaheen – 3rd position (IBM student mentored by Dr Archana Shrivastava)
Latika Gupta – 3rd position (RM student mentored by Prof Meera Kapoor)