30 Nov 2020

Centre Updates
Activities undertaken by the Centre for Sustainability & CSR from 1 June 2020 to 30th November 2020

Need Assessment of Community in Villages of Himachal Pradesh

BIMTECH’s team conducted “Situation Analysis and Need Assessment “of villages near to Kutehr in Chmba district of Himanchal Pradesh during November 2020. In spite of very difficult terrain and villages situated at very high altitude and scattered, team successfully completed the survey and assessment.

This assessment will help management of JSW Energy Ltd. to design proper CSR interventions to meet the needs of community who are residing near to their plant operations.

BIJ CSR e-conclave 2020

Prof. N.N Sharma , chairperson of Centre for Sustainability and CSR, was panellist at the BIJ CSR e-conclave 2020 held on 30th September 2020. This conclave aimed to mobilise CSR funds for development of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Webinar on 25.09.2020

Its topic was “Farmers’ Producers Organisations: Issues & Challenges”. Speakers were from NABARD, MANAGE, Tata trusts, Reliance Foundation, JSW Foundation M.P Federation of FPOs, National Association of FPOs, TANAGER (an affiliate of USA based NGO), ASA (a NGO involved in promotion FPOs). It was attended by representatives of FPOs, officials of government departments and support organisations, NGOs and academicians and researchers.

Best practices being followed by successful FPOs, need for changes in schemes of the government, role of various stakeholders were discussed.

The discussions may help FPOs to adopt best practices and observations and recommendations in respect of policies and schemes may be considered by government and FPOs promoting institutions.

Webinar on 24.09.2020

Its topic was “Successful Agricultural Projects: Replication & Upscaling”. Panelists were from organisations who have implemented high impact successful agricultural projects having potentials of replication and upscaling. Salient features of projects implemented by Tata trusts, Reliance Foundation, Proximity Designs (Myanmar), and agricultural scientists were discussed. Shri Siraj Hussain, Ex – Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, GoI, Shri Harsh Singh, Sr Advisor, UNDP and Dr. Ravindra Pastor, Ex- Principal Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh gave macro view and also described models which may be replicated and upscaled.

The webinar provided an opportunity for companies to identify projects which may be supported by them under their CSR budget.

It was attended by participants from CSR departments of various companies, NGOs, departments and support organisations of the government, and academicians and researchers.

Webinars on “CSR for Agricultural Development” on 24 & 25 September 2020

The Centre for Sustainability & CSR organised webinars on September 24 & 25 on two different topics under the theme of “CSR for Agricultural Development”. These webinars were organised jointly with National Institute of Extension Management (MANAGE).

The objective of both the webinars was to facilitate flow of CSR funds for agricultural development.

Dr S. R. Ranganathan: A Librarian

Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development released a documentary “Dr S. R. Ranganathan: A Librarian” to pay tribute to Father of Library Science in India Sh S R Ranganathan on the eve of his birthday on August 12, 2020. The documentary may be assessed here

Independence Day Celebration at BIMTECH Vidya Kendra

Independence day celebrated with fervour at BIMTECH Vidya Kendra in the presence of Dr H Chaturvedi, Director, BIMTECH, Dr K R Chari, SWO, BIMTECH, Dr Rishi Tiwari and other faculty and staff members of BIMTECH and BIMTECH Foundation, and Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development.

Felicitation of Dr. Geeta Malhotra

Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development is immensely pleased to felicitate Dr. Geeta Malhotra for the year 2020, recognizing her excellence service for the upliftment of Community Libraries throughout India. Dr. Malhotra is also widely known for her valuable contribution in Building Communication Opportunities through setting up of Advocacy Centres in South Asia.

Webinar on “Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Agriculture: Re-imagining the Way Forward (A Collective Effort of Government, Corporate and CSOs)

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all walks of life. It has stifled the economy, disrupted the value chains, and jeopardized livelihoods. It is hard to imagine if there is any sector which has escaped the adverse effects of COVID-19. A major risk the pandemic poses is disruption in the global food system due to varied and complex value chain of agricultural goods. This impact diverge across geographies, varies among the farm commodities, and have a different effect on agricultural laborers. To mitigate these effects, the government, corporate and civil society organizations (CSOs) are working together. However, how the impact reverberates and what it holds for the future is hard to depict. Amid this, farmers, agri-professionals have limited clue about the impact of COVID-19 on Indian agriculture, how the slew of measures taken by the government would ensure well-being of farmers and agriculture sector in India? How these reforms would revitalize the agricultural growth? What future does it hold for the farmers, the agripreneurs? And why a synergy is needed between the government, corporate and CSOs to effectively address the present situation and transform the future of farm sector in the years to come.

To answer these questions, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH) and Ecociate Consultants joined hands to organise a webinar on “Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Agriculture: Re-imagining the Way Forward (A Collective Effort of Government, Corporate and CSOs)” on 30th June 2020. This report captures the proceedings of the webinar, highlights the major take away and a way forward for the government, corporate and CSOs.

The sessions were moderated by Ms. Joanna Kane-Potaka. Assistant Director General (External Relations), ICRISAT. The panel included Dr Sreenath Dixit, Principal Scientist & Head, ICRISAT Development Center (IDC), Dr N. Balasubramani, Director (CCA) & Principal Coordinator (CFA), MANAGE, and Sh. Kirti Prasanna Mishra, Co-founder, Ecociate Consultants. The event was hosted by Mr. Satender Rana, Senior Manager (Sustainability & CSR), BIMTECH.
The webinar was attended by 705 participants from 13 countries.